Slime or Get Slimed by slimesunday

Physical art is the baseline of visual artistry. Something created that you can feel, with a surface, with edges, with texture.  SLIMESUNDAY channels something entirely different.

His digital art is immaterial and abstract.  His most compelling work blends the real with the unreal.  Tangible subjects with intangible adornment to express a feeling in vibrant color.  Slime began writing music as an outlet for his own creative thirst.  “Making shitty music is where it all started for me.”  His love for EDM transposed into visual art, so he taught himself to make the way he wanted to make.

Slime has recently worked with Beck on the #beckWOW campaign, with Cash Cash on their artwork for Blood, Sweat & 3 Years album, and several rising artists.

Date: 062117
Release: Issue 001
Tags: mike parisella, slime sunday

#mustfollow: Jared Thomas Kocka

In twenty fourteen, Complex named him on their list of 25 Young Photographers to Keep Your Eye On . In twenty seventeen, he’s the photographer every young aspiring model wants a session with.

Jared citing Terry Richardson’s work as influential, isn’t too surprising.  But Kocka’s pop style is set apart from other photographers by his youthful energy.

His work feels raw and true.  Intimate and honest.  Jared’s wit and quirk comes through in his work, which gives way to some of his best compositions.  He describes his look as simple, but how could something so intimate and compelling be described this way?

Check Jared’s YouTube channel for a look into his creative process, life, and work.


Date: 050417
Release: Issue 001
Tags: jared thomas kocka, Photography

Empty my bank account. And buy that Boy With A Pipe. I might.

"Slide" Frank Ocean

The World or Nothing, The World is Waiting

The greatest creators were dreamers. But we know them as icons for this reason... they stopped dreaming, to start doing.

had i not created
my whole world,
i would certainly
have died in
other people's.

anaïs nin

We all have dreams.  Not the weird way-too-real experiences that wake us in the morning confused AF.  But day dreams.  The moments where we create our own reality of what life is, in our ideal world.

For many of us, these dreams center on some crazy idea, project, goal, aspiration that we plot constantly.  Some of us have been working far too long on the ‘final touches’.  Others may not have even put pen to paper.

So how do we get this jumbo jet of a project off the ground?

Start.  Somewhere.

Here’s how…


Date: 043017
Release: Issue 001
Tags: illegal civilization, jen sincero, mikey alfred, othertone