Slime or Get Slimed by slimesunday

Physical art is the baseline of visual artistry. Something created that you can feel, with a surface, with edges, with texture.  SLIMESUNDAY channels something entirely different.

His digital art is immaterial and abstract.  His most compelling work blends the real with the unreal.  Tangible subjects with intangible adornment to express a feeling in vibrant color.  Slime began writing music as an outlet for his own creative thirst.  “Making shitty music is where it all started for me.”  His love for EDM transposed into visual art, so he taught himself to make the way he wanted to make.

Slime has recently worked with Beck on the #beckWOW campaign, with Cash Cash on their artwork for Blood, Sweat & 3 Years album, and several rising artists.

Date: 062117
Release: Issue 001