The World or Nothing, The World is Waiting

The greatest creators were dreamers. But we know them as icons for this reason... they stopped dreaming, to start doing.

had i not created
my whole world,
i would certainly
have died in
other people's.

anaïs nin

We all have dreams.  Not the weird way-too-real experiences that wake us in the morning confused AF.  But day dreams.  The moments where we create our own reality of what life is, in our ideal world.

For many of us, these dreams center on some crazy idea, project, goal, aspiration that we plot constantly.  Some of us have been working far too long on the ‘final touches’.  Others may not have even put pen to paper.

So how do we get this jumbo jet of a project off the ground?

Start.  Somewhere.

Here’s how…


Mikey Alfred, creator of Illegal Civilization, explained in his OTHERtone interview with Scott Vener that the first step is to stop waiting and to dive straight in.  “This is what a lot of you people are out here doin.  Day dreamin!  Like I said, the old world is dead.  You have to get up and make things happen for yourself.  You have a clothing line?  Make the shirts, and go and sell ’em.  Don’t wait for stores to come to you because they’re not.  They’re gonna come to you when you don’t need them anymore.  Music labels, they’re not gonna come to you when you need them.  They’re gonna come to you when you’re killin it already and you have your own fanbase and your own following.  Do it yourself.”

Start realistic and build on that.  You’ll have to work through a lot of trial and error.  You’re going to learn things that will help you reach your end goal.  But you can’t trial and you can’t learn a thing unless you start.

Set an achievable starting point that will set the course for your vision.  Think of it like this.  Let’s say you have a concept for a clothing shop, but the Everest you’re trying to climb requires a storefront lease, wholesaler relationships, and a S#*T ton of capital…  Just start. Somewhere.  Start by building a following.  Create a social account or blog where you curate fresh gear.  The learnings you’ll take away from content creation and marketing your brand will be invaluable.  Or maybe you’re looking to monetize ASAP, so open an online shop where you curate rare or unique pieces from resellers, sample sales, etc.  Just start.  Keeping your end goal in mind, you will make moves along the way which will lay the bricks for your storefront.

Jen Sincero describes this in her book You Are A Bad Ass.  “Instead of wasting hours and days and years trying to figure out your perfect next move, just DO something already.  The time we waste rolling ideas around in our heads, imagining what-ifs, coming up with perfect reasons why and then perfect reasons why not, tearing at our cuticles… Get out of your head and take action.  You don’t have to know exactly where it’s going to take you, you just need to start with one thing that feels right and keep following right-feeling things and where they lead.”

This magazine took over 2 years to get off the ground.  A lot of that time was spent conceptualizing and building, but then it came down to spending way too much time trying to perfect everything out of fear that it wouldn’t be well received otherwise.  This being the first piece of the inaugural issue, I needed to share what inspired me to finally hit go.  Getting to this point has been a journey, I can’t wait to finally share with you what I’ve been dreaming up.  So as Mikey, Jen, and so many other creatives will tell you…

Stop dreaming, and start.

Inspiration for the title:

Parisian rap duo PNL inspired thousands with their single “Le Monde ou Rien”, French for “the world or nothing”.  Shortly after becoming a huge hit in France, the song was adopted by youth as a popular slogan for the anti-austerity movement.  It’s title and lyrical content call for a better life and a better world.